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The Brother Of The Prophet Muhammad: Imam Ali (as)
Muhammad Jawad Chirr ...

The Brother Of The Prophet Muhammad: Imam Ali (as)

Muhammad Jawad Chirri
May 06, 2011

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Book Description:

In this book, Shaykh Muhammad Jawad Chirri has presented the Political Religious place of Imam Ali in Islam, his spiritual Relationship to the Prophet Muhammad and his contribution in establishing the Islamic State and the spread of the Faith of Islam; it discusses him as a Caliph and as a statesman, and also what was said about his policy and statesmanship and the causes which led to the accumulations of the difficulties which prevented him from reaching a peaceful and more lasting rule during the days of his caliphate. Finally the book discusses the caliphate as a religious-political system and the kind of caliphate which is consonant with the nature of the Islamic message.